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Create A Digital Product or Pay-Per-View Event

Freelance Digital Skills

Coming Soon - Digital Products Development: Apps, Games, eBooks, Music, Movies, eNewsPapers, and eMagazines.

Types Of Pay-Per-View Events That Can Be Created:

MeetUps + Hotel Conferences + Car Dealers + Weddings + Funerals + Graduations Retailers + Radio Shows + High School & College Sporting Events Women's MMA + Community or School Plays + Parties Recitals + Independent TV Shows and Films + Press Conferences + Presentations + Conference Workshops + Civic Meetings + Political Debates + Private Affairs + Hearing + Local, National & International Protest + War Zone Live Events + Board Meetings + Military Family Interviews + Comedy Shows + Night Clubs + Baby Showers + Semi-Pro Sporting Events + Religious Services + Conclaves + Concert Events + Hair Show Events:


Why Propose A Pay-Per-View Event Project Team?

 To advertise your product or service! To generate additional revenue and to share your event with members, customers, family, friends and classmates who can't travel to that special occasion.


Who Should Join A Pay-Per-View Event?

Anyone with the skills to help plan, market, promote or produce a live event that can be streamed as a Pay-Per-View Event: Writers, Directors, Producers, Technicians, Interviewers, Videographers (Camera Operators) and especially Social Media Marketers who can use social media to drive viewership.'s Profit Sharing Plan

Set your own Price for a Pay-Per-View Event with a $5 minimum and earn 80% of the revenue generated within 24. All Project Team Members will share equally in the revenue generated and retains 20%. This is how promotes Social Collaboration To Make You Money Without Greed.


How It Work

Pay $10 to register your event by scheduling the day and time of the event. Set a price for the event. Have your team pay $5 to join the project. Other Individuals with specific skills may register and send you an email asking to join your project team. As the project creator, you can accept or reject their request. You can also be the only person involved with your project. will send you a confirmation with a link to market and promote your event. At the date and time of the event, you will film the event, use a computer and free Adobe Software to send the video to Cuptoopia, who then streams it live to those who have paid to view it. Within 24 hours, all team members will receive an equal share of 80% of the total revenue generated from the event, deposited into their account (required). It's that simple.


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